Ephimera is a 12 year tradition business, specialized in the management of venues for events of cultural institutions, educational institutions, foundations, and entities that promote business development.

Our mission is to offer services, and to generate business models that connect with the third sector institutions as well as with the business fabric.

With both this goal, and the will of linking with our clients at all levels, in mind we have been offering collaborative creation of cultural content services since 2022: for all events such as entertainment, exhibits, musical shows, or chat shows.

Having now over a decade of presence in Madrid, in 2024 we will be opening a new market outside of our autonomous community. Barcelona is the city we have chosen.

Elena García-Arévalo and María Álvarez are two of the founding partners of Ephimera. They have been friends since they were 11 years old and used to sit at the same desk at the Lourdes school of Batán (Madrid). Hand in hand, they stopped trying to be what they were told to be, and began being themselves: two independent mothers and creative people who are always willing to embark on a new business venture.

María Álvarez studied journalism at UCM and worked at the Contamíname foundation, at the State Society for Exterior Cultural Action, and at the NBC Universal television network.

Elena García-Arévalo graduated in Humanities at the UC3M and obtained a postgrad masters in Arts Communication at UCM. Before founding Ephimera, she worked for the Pablo Iglesias Foundation, for Musiespaña, and for Laboral; a centre of arts and creativity.