Campus for Moms

Google runs some of the most exciting programs to foster entrepreneurship around the world. In this field, the internet giant’s flagship is Campus, a collection of community hubs where entrepreneurs come to learn, share ideas and launch great startups.

Anticipating the opening of a new Campus in Madrid, Ephimera and Google teamed up to bring Campus for Moms, the first baby-friendly startup school, to the city.

In Campus for Moms a group of tech-based entrepreneurs who happen to also be mothers and fathers gather together to learn the principles of startup development from passionate mentors and professionals.

What we have achieved

Even though we target a very narrow demographic -mothers or fathers with babies, who are also building up a tech-based startup- we manage to get hundreds of applicants for Campus for Moms. We tapped a powerful niche and built an active community with the participants.

The reception, from the media attention to the reviews of the students, was so formidable that the program has made it into the main programming of Campus Madrid.

What we have learned

Often we think of parenthood as a time when people retire from the workforce, if only for a period of time. However, with Campus for Moms we learned that many people use that time to reflect on their career and, often, to change it.

While our biggest fear was that classes with several babies and toddlers were going to be noisy and troublesome, we discovered how smooth classes can be when a few changes were made. Things like using a hands-on metodology, adding a changing room and normalizing the presence of kids in the room turned a very special audience into a regular class. Isn’t that a lesson worth applying to other courses and schools?