Theater for Education

Teachers are on the front line of the greatest challenge of our time: empowering the next generations. The teacher’s section of major Spanish union UGT offered us a chance to participate in the active debate about education that’s happening all around the world and propose new ideas to help in the classroom.

We brought up an initiative to work with theater director Lucía Rodríguez Miranda applying theater to education. In particular, we worked with Augusto Boal’s practice, «Theater of the Opressed».

This methodology allows theater educators to involve their audiences -in this case, the schoolchildren- in the writing, planning and staging of a play that spins around their own themes. Spectators are now spect-actors, agents in their own story.

Throughout one year we ran a pilot project to assess the feasibility of this practice in education, in an initiative that put together several groups of theater actors and actresses, a group of filmmakers and a social consultancy firm.

What we learned with Theater for Education

The arts have extraordinary potential for social intervention in many fields and we will be looking forward to applying what we learned in this project elsewhere in our work.